Welcome Back! Term 3 Overview!

This term our inquiry topic is based on Australian History, beginning with discovering what life was like for the aboriginals before the Europeans arrived. We will then find out about world explorers, why they left Europe to discover new lands, and finish with looking at the impact the first European settlers had on the aboriginal way of life. If you have any items of interest or expertise that relate to these areas, we would love to hear from you.

In Maths we have been revising the language of chance relating to events occurring – eg, impossible, very unlikely, unlikely, even, 50/50, possible, likely etc. We investigated a deck of cards and played games to predict the chance of certain cards being chosen. The next few weeks we will be tackling decimals and fractions. Many find these topics tricky and need lots of practical experience, practise and discussion to consolidate understanding. Please look for opportunities in everyday life to help your child understand the basics eg, cutting fruit and vegetables into quarters, halves, thirds etc.

Homework will come home on Friday however reading and Mathletics can still be encouraged this week. Those students who fail to hand homework in on time will attend “Homework Club” during lunchtime or Year 4 sport. Please help establish the routine of completing a small amount of work at home each week.

Camp Reminders

Hey everyone,

A couple of reminders for camp (Wednesday 10th) this week:

– Please be at school at 7.30am.
– Do a head lice check prior to camp.
– Remember to bring lunch and a drink bottle for the first day.
– Bring and sign in any medication required for camp.
– Raincoat and warm clothes.
– No electronics; cameras can be brought at own risk/responsibility.


Mr Hamaline

Film Day Photo

Quick snapshot on the morning of Film Day. A big thank you to all the parents/family friends who helped organise the student’s costumes and to the parents who came and helped with makeup in the morning!

Film Day

Don’t forget Film Day is tomorrow (Thursday 27th April).
Remember to bring your costume to school if you haven’t already and please be at school at 8.30am to begin make up and get ready.


Filming Day 27th April!

Hey hey,
I just received information about our costumes for filming day from Bruce. Please take some time to think about your costume for our movie as filming day will be here before we know it. We will be organising/making some items in class. If you have an issues or need any assistance, please come and see me. We will need parent help on the morning of filming to assist with make up. Let me know ASAP if you can help 🙂



QUEEN – Crown, royal dress
BULLANTS – Leather jackets, jeans
SOLDIER ANTS – Army gear, swords, spears
SUGAR ANTS – Hippie gear, bright colours, headbands, jewellery etc.
FIRE ANTS – Red scarves, mystical feel
WHITE ANTS – Lab coats, glasses
BLACK ANTS – Black tie and jacket, black sunglasses
PRINCIPAL – Adult clothes
POLICEMAN – Police uniform
JUDGES – Black robes (art smocks?), white wigs (could we make these?)
WALKER – School uniform
WORKER – Construction gear, hardhat, reflective jacket, checked shirt/overalls


QUEEN’S THRONE (just needs to be a chair with some cloth draped over it)
SIGN “DO NOT STOP ON THE ANTS” – This needs to be about A3 size and attached to a stick so that it can be “hammered” into the ground.
PARTY PARAPHENALIA – Tooters, streamers, balloons etc.
DESK NAMEPLATES for PRINCIPAL, POLICEMAN etc…these can just be made from cardboard or similar with the name written/printed on.

Just One Day

What an amazing day in Year 4 today. All students fully participated in and experienced living simply, to gain a greater appreciation and understanding of the lives lived by children in developing countries. Powerful learning occurred through personal experience. Thank you for your support of this day, with the donations received we can supply classroom resources for a whole Primary School in Ghana.

Some student reflections and comments include:

– I feel guilty because we have more clean water than them.
– I feel sad because 6.3 million children under 5 die every year.
– I think it is sad because we get more food than they do.
– I wonder how they struggle to live. Can we donate to help the poor?
– I feel bad for them because we get more education than people in poor countries.
– We are getting what we want sometimes and they have to live with needs.
– I think it is unfair because the boys are treated better because girls have to collect water and boys get to go to school everyday.
– I feel grateful because we have better resources than them.
– I feel spoilt because our country is safer than there.
– “Who knew rice could taste so good”

A HUGE thankyou to the parents who willingly came to prepare, serve and cleanup our lunch.