Preps in need of Mulberry Leaves

Can you help our Prep students?
In Term 4, the preps at MMPS are rearing silkworms to support their learning about life cycles. They are in desperate need of mulberry leaves to keep their silkworms alive. If you have a mulberry tree at home and are happy to supply some leaves, please contact Mrs Doye or any of the other prep teachers. They need approximately a shopping bag full every 1-2 days. Thank you.

Parent information about online safety for children

Act eSafe encourages students to develop lifelong online safety practices. The animation covers the essentials of online safety as well as safe and ethical use of technology. It is a great clip to watch together as a family and there are some good tips for both parents and children.

Act eSafe aligns with the Australian Curriculum, including Information and Communication Technology (ICT) capability—applying social and ethical protocols and practices when using ICT, Personal and Social Capability and Health and Physical Education key learning area. This video has been produced by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner which has fantastic resources on internet safety for parents.

Big Write This Thursday

This week there is Talk Homework for our Big Write on Thursday (which was included on the homework sheet).
Just a reminder –
You are going to write a narrative (story) about an explorer.
Is your explorer real or fictitious?
Is he or she exploring the present day (now) or the past, or even the future?
What is your explorer searching for?
How are has your explorer travelled, and where did they start?
Is your traveller alone or with others?

Think about:
– Where is your story set?
– Who are the characters?
– What is the complication in the story?
– How will your story end?

Thanks for your support

Mr Hamaline

Tribal Day

It was a fantastic day down at the Estuary! Although the forecast looked gloomy, the weather was fortunately kind to us and we were able to complete all planned activities to help us gain an appreciation for the traditional way Aboriginal people lived. The students worked well together and relished the opportunity to explore and use their creativity. A big thanks to Matt, Tania, Kate and Ian who came and helped out.
We were all impressed with Lionel, who taught us all about the local bush tucker, tools, weapons and the Aboriginal way of life.


Big Write Talk Homework

This week there is Talk Homework for our Big Write on Friday (which was included on the homework sheet).
Just a reminder – Get ideas so you can write your own Dreamtime story (narrative).
Decide what thing in nature you will write a story about. E.g. How the Emu got a long neck, Why the Sun rises.
Remember to describe the setting and characters. You must have a problem and a solution.
Brainstorm some ambitious words to use.


Mr Hamaline

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to Term 3, it’s hard to believe that we have passed the halfway mark of the year. It was lovely to see the big smiles yesterday as everyone caught up with friends and shared news from the holidays. I hope you all enjoyed extra family time and a more relaxed routine.

This term our Inquiry unit is about Australian History. Students will gain an understanding of what Aboriginal life was like before European settlement, investigate world explorers (including Captain Cook), the First Fleet and the impact of European settlement on the Aboriginal way of life.

To introduce this unit of study, Year 4 students will be walking to the Estuary for our “Tribal Day” this Thursday 19th July. We need 2 parent helpers to assist the supervision of groups. Please let me know ASAP if you can help.

We will also be showing the ABC’s “My Place” TV series depicting this era. Since it is rated PG, due to mild themes, parental permission is required. Please immediately sign and return the note sent home yesterday and contact me if you have any concerns or wish to preview the episodes.

Thanks for your support.

Arrabri Lodge

What a terrific camp we had, I hope you all heard lots of stories about the many activities the students did. Thank you to all the parent helpers that made it all possible.
Enjoy this movie highlighting a few aspects of camp.