Welcome Back!

Welcome back to Term 3, it’s hard to believe that we have passed the halfway mark of the year. It was lovely to see the big smiles yesterday as everyone caught up with friends and shared news from the holidays. I hope you all enjoyed extra family time and a more relaxed routine.

This term our Inquiry unit is about Australian History. Students will gain an understanding of what Aboriginal life was like before European settlement, investigate world explorers (including Captain Cook), the First Fleet and the impact of European settlement on the Aboriginal way of life.

To introduce this unit of study, Year 4 students will be walking to the Estuary for our “Tribal Day” this Thursday 19th July. We need 2 parent helpers to assist the supervision of groups. Please let me know ASAP if you can help.

We will also be showing the ABC’s “My Place” TV series depicting this era. Since it is rated PG, due to mild themes, parental permission is required. Please immediately sign and return the note sent home yesterday and contact me if you have any concerns or wish to preview the episodes.

Thanks for your support.

6 thoughts on “Welcome Back!

    1. rhamaline Post author

      Thanks Tania, that would be much appreciated.
      The longer you can stay the better, however, if you can only do a part of the day then that is fine too.
      We are leaving at 9 am so if you could walk down with us that would be great.

      1. Tania byrne

        Ok that sounds good, I’ll be there at 9. May only be able to do part day though as Alan will have our four year old then has to go to work so I’ll need to get back, but I’ll stay as long as I can.
        C ya in the morning!

  1. Janet chitts

    Sorry Ross I’m working so unable to help this time.

    Max missed the permission slip on Monday as he was off sick but I give my permission for him to watch the movie, I’ll try and come in and sign in the morning.
    Thanks Janet

    1. rhamaline Post author

      Hey Janet,
      Thank you for letting me know.
      Unless you have any further questions, your post will suffice for the permission slip.


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