Big Write Talk Homework

This week there is Talk Homework for our Big Write on Friday (which was included on the homework sheet).
Just a reminder – Get ideas so you can write your own Dreamtime story (narrative).
Decide what thing in nature you will write a story about. E.g. How the Emu got a long neck, Why the Sun rises.
Remember to describe the setting and characters. You must have a problem and a solution.
Brainstorm some ambitious words to use.


Mr Hamaline

2 thoughts on “Big Write Talk Homework

    1. rhamaline Post author

      Hey Dan,
      The homework expectations are also on one of the menu items at the top of the page on 4A’s blog.
      2 hours of reading every week and Mathletics and/or the maths homework book we have been giving out.
      I’ll speak to him again today.
      Otherwise, it is homework club 🙂


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