Camp Checklist

Here is the list you have all been waiting for. Start gathering items and remember that your child must be able to move whatever bag it is all packed in. A note will also be sent home tonight but a digital copy may come in handy.

Please note that a small teddy and a book to read are also required.

Year 4 Camp Details

To assist with the final planning of camp, please advise if there is any further information required: bed wetting, sleep walking, first time away from home etc… via email to by this Friday 4th May.

Please note that a list of “Things to Bring” will be sent home soon.

Thank You

Friday Big Write

On Friday 4A will be doing a Big Write. The students need to write persuasive piece on the topic
“Cats are better pets than Dogs” (or Dogs are better pets than Cats).

Please take some time this week (even if it’s in the car for 5 minutes) to discuss the following:
– What pet they think is the best to have.
– Some persuasive language and openers they can use.
– 3 reasons why it was the best with examples to elaborate on with each reason.
For example 1 paragraph (reason) might include the topic ‘exercise’:

Do you enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle? If so, than obviously dogs are the perfect pet for you. Dogs need to be walked every day. This can be healthy for both you and the dog. Exercise gives you energy; it also strengthens your muscles and bones. Walking and playing with your dog also makes you happier! Whereas a cat sleeps a lot more and needs a lot less exercise and attention than a dog. So if you like to keep fit, than I strongly suggest that you get that dog.

Details were also included in this weeks homework.

Thanks for your support

Ross Hamaline

Can you Help Us?

If you can help with the following please comment below or send in a message with your child.

1. DRAINS WALK (Next Tuesday, 1st May) We need one or two parents to help us walk around the local neighbourhood to look at the local drain and notice the effect it has had on the natural environment. We will leave school around 9:30, have snack South Beach before returning to school around 11:30.

2. GOLD FOR GREEN DAY (22nd May) Donations are needed for various activities occurring across the school. We need small plants or succulent cuttings, cardboard boxes, wide mouthed metal tins ( e.g.600ml tomato cans) and wide mouthed glass jars at least 450 ml size.

Thanks for your support 🙂

Tomorrow’s Big Write

Tomorrow 4A will be having a Big Write. The students need to write persuasive piece on the topic…
“That was the Best (or worst) Holiday Ever”.

Please take some time tonight to talk about what holiday they want to write about (it doesn’t have to be this one), and think of 3 reasons why it was the best, with examples. eg reason 1 – bike riding – at the park, at the skate park and to the shops.

A prompt with more detail was sent home on Monday so check the school bag for it.


Mornington Historical Society

Have you or your family ever lived, worked, studied, or had a function at Mt Martha House? If so the Historical Society would love to hear from you!

There is a History Room being established and it is open to the public. Mount Martha House are collecting personal memories of the House to protect, preserve and share with future generations. If you have photographs you are happy to donate or share, bring them along to the scanning day event (details below) and they will scan them. Please bring a USB stick so they can provide you with a digital copy for your own personal use. They would also like to photograph any items you have that were used there, or uniforms worn during your time there.

WHEN: April 18th between 11 am and 4 pm

WHERE: Mt Martha House, located on the corner of Dominion Road and Esplanade Mount Martha

For more information please contact Gill Gordon on email:



End of Term Schedule

Date Event Organisation
Monday 19 March Year 4 Planning Day Schedule can be found in student classrooms or on classroom doors.
Friday 23 March Beach Program

National Ride to School Day

Crazy Colours, Free Dress Day

Support needed to walk down and help at events.Please reply to this post if you can help.


($ Gold Coin Donation) for Royal Children’s Hospital

Monday 26 March Just One Day For just one day we will experience what it is like to grow up in many of the countries we are studying. Information coming home tonight.Students need to bring their own plastic cup preferably not a throwaway one for drinking water and eating rice from.

We will need parent helpers to cook rice. Reply below if you can help.

Wednesday 28 March Country Project Expo 4A & 4C from 2 – 3:30pm Parents welcome to attend at any time in this session.
Thursday 29 March Whole School Assembly – year 4 Dance Performance Come along and check out our Hip Hop Moves.Students can wear a cap!

Thank You Letters to Kevin

With our last dance session coming up next Tuesday, 4A wrote thank you letters to Kevin (our instructor).
The students all wrote some excellent letters describing how they felt and what they thought of the dance program.
Here are a few of the many excellent pieces of writing.

Enjoy 🙂