Welcome Back!

Welcome back to Term 3, it’s hard to believe that we have passed the halfway mark of the year. It was lovely to see the big smiles yesterday as everyone caught up with friends and shared news from the holidays. I hope you all enjoyed extra family time and a more relaxed routine.

This term our Inquiry unit is about Australian History. Students will gain an understanding of what Aboriginal life was like before European settlement, investigate world explorers (including Captain Cook), the First Fleet and the impact of European settlement on the Aboriginal way of life.

To introduce this unit of study, Year 4 students will be walking to the Estuary for our “Tribal Day” this Thursday 19th July. We need 2 parent helpers to assist the supervision of groups. Please let me know ASAP if you can help.

We will also be showing the ABC’s “My Place” TV series depicting this era. Since it is rated PG, due to mild themes, parental permission is required. Please immediately sign and return the note sent home yesterday and contact me if you have any concerns or wish to preview the episodes.

Thanks for your support.

Arrabri Lodge

What a terrific camp we had, I hope you all heard lots of stories about the many activities the students did. Thank you to all the parent helpers that made it all possible.
Enjoy this movie highlighting a few aspects of camp.

Camp Medication

All medications that students will need while at camp, are to be brought to school by a parent. These can be taken to Mr Hamaline’s room on Friday (before or after school), where details and a signature are required. They can also be signed in on Monday morning between 7:30 and 7:45am, out the front of the school.
Please ensure medication is securely bagged and clearly labelled with the student’s name and dosage details.

Thank You
Year 4 Team.

Camp Checklist

Here is the list you have all been waiting for. Start gathering items and remember that your child must be able to move whatever bag it is all packed in. A note will also be sent home tonight but a digital copy may come in handy.

Please note that a small teddy and a book to read are also required.

Year 4 Camp Details

To assist with the final planning of camp, please advise if there is any further information required: bed wetting, sleep walking, first time away from home etc… via email to goss.anna.m@edumail.vic.gov.au by this Friday 4th May.

Please note that a list of “Things to Bring” will be sent home soon.

Thank You

Friday Big Write

On Friday 4A will be doing a Big Write. The students need to write persuasive piece on the topic
“Cats are better pets than Dogs” (or Dogs are better pets than Cats).

Please take some time this week (even if it’s in the car for 5 minutes) to discuss the following:
– What pet they think is the best to have.
– Some persuasive language and openers they can use.
– 3 reasons why it was the best with examples to elaborate on with each reason.
For example 1 paragraph (reason) might include the topic ‘exercise’:

Do you enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle? If so, than obviously dogs are the perfect pet for you. Dogs need to be walked every day. This can be healthy for both you and the dog. Exercise gives you energy; it also strengthens your muscles and bones. Walking and playing with your dog also makes you happier! Whereas a cat sleeps a lot more and needs a lot less exercise and attention than a dog. So if you like to keep fit, than I strongly suggest that you get that dog.

Details were also included in this weeks homework.

Thanks for your support

Ross Hamaline

Can you Help Us?

If you can help with the following please comment below or send in a message with your child.

1. DRAINS WALK (Next Tuesday, 1st May) We need one or two parents to help us walk around the local neighbourhood to look at the local drain and notice the effect it has had on the natural environment. We will leave school around 9:30, have snack South Beach before returning to school around 11:30.

2. GOLD FOR GREEN DAY (22nd May) Donations are needed for various activities occurring across the school. We need small plants or succulent cuttings, cardboard boxes, wide mouthed metal tins ( e.g.600ml tomato cans) and wide mouthed glass jars at least 450 ml size.

Thanks for your support 🙂

Tomorrow’s Big Write

Tomorrow 4A will be having a Big Write. The students need to write persuasive piece on the topic…
“That was the Best (or worst) Holiday Ever”.

Please take some time tonight to talk about what holiday they want to write about (it doesn’t have to be this one), and think of 3 reasons why it was the best, with examples. eg reason 1 – bike riding – at the park, at the skate park and to the shops.

A prompt with more detail was sent home on Monday so check the school bag for it.